The rivalry between Logan Paul and Seth Rollins has reached its boiling point. This week on RAW, Paul stated that he doesn’t care about the haters now, as he knows what he is worth and has proved himself in the ring. The Maverick is also an accomplished boxer, but he could have some competition within the pro wrestling world.

Logan Paul has knocked out Seth Rollins twice on WWE television so far. This surely shows that Paul has to be taken seriously by Rollins. Paul, who has been an amateur boxer before making his foray into the wrestling world, isn’t taken seriously by John Morrison.

During a recent interview with Aiden James, John Morrison stated that he believes that Logan Paul doesn’t have a good defense in the ring. Morrison also believes that he is capable of knocking Paul in the third round.

“I don’t think he has very good defense. He doesn’t really use his jab nearly enough. He’s wide open for check hooks and body shots. I’m pretty sure I’d knock him out in like the third round.”


Logan Paul proved his worth to WWE fans after his phenomenal encounter against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel in 2022. Then Paul was out of action for two and a half months due to a sprained meniscus and MCL. He returned at the Royal Rumble as entrant number 29 and amazed fans through his midair collision spot against Ricochet. He was eliminated by the eventual winner Cody Rhodes.

What’s your take on John Morrison’s statement? Do you think you could knock out Logan Paul? Sound off in the comments!

Rahul Amare

Rahul has been an avid fan of wrestling since he was 9 years old. His earliest memories of wrestling are from the attitude era. He pursues content writing since he is passionate about watching WWE. Bret Hart, Daniel Bryan, and Chris Jericho are three of Rahul's favorite wrestlers. He is also a passionate supporter of the Indian cricket team and a movie buff.

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