Jake “The Snake” Roberts has been one of the most iconic figures in pro wrestling industry, and he’s maintained that status for decades. The WWE Hall of Famer has had a troubled life, with his struggles with alcohol and drugs being well-documented. Roberts has also struggled financially in the past, but thankfully everything is well in his life regarding the financial aspect. That being said, Tony Khan was there for Roberts during a vital time in his life.

The WWE Hall of Famer has been signed to AEW since 2019 and briefly managed Lance Archer. Along with Mark Henry, Paul Wight and Shawn Dean, Roberts is currently appointed as the AEW ‘s special advisor for the community Outreach program.

During a recent interview with Steve Falls, Jake Roberts expressed his gratefulness for working at the AEW. Roberts recalled how AEW took care of him during the COVID and that Tony Khan is one of the wonderful human beings he has ever met. In 2020, Jake The Snake Roberts had missed AEW tapings in December after diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

“I was still trying to carry on, you know, having to use the machine (oxygen tank), but I was wanting to carry on with it, but they didn’t want me to go out to the ring with that. That was the whole thing and I respect them for that. It’s not like they sh*t canned me and told me to take a hike. They still took care of me and AEW is just wonderful to work for. They really, really are, and Tony Khan is one of the best men I’ve ever met.”


Jake Roberts also spoke on how he loves assisting the upcoming talents of AEW. Roberts stated that once in a month he flies down to Orlando and teaches talents to train people how to do interviews.

“What I do is, once a month, we go to Orlando to do Dark. I go down there and I get with the guys and I help them do interviews. I try to teach them a better way to do their interviews, which I know how to do interviews. It’s easy for me, but these guys are, you know, they’re not used to it. They don’t get it yet, but I’m there to help them. I enjoy doing it, I’m happy to do it, and I hope to continue to do it.”

While Jake Roberts seems to be doing what he loves, he clearly isn’t better in terms of his health. Jim Ross once stated that Roberts still has some surgeries to perform and has breathing issues. Fans hope that everything goes on well for the WWE Hall of Famer, and he gets back to rocking and rolling.

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