WWE is known for a lot of many things, especially regarding their bizarre stories over the decades. This was especially the case when it came to the Ruthless Aggression era. In fact, an ex-WWE Superstar fondly remembers sucking on Mae Young’s toes.

Gene Snitsky made his debut in WWE back in 2004 and had a memorable run in WWE, but for all the wrong reasons. This included the time he punted a baby doll into the air back in 2006 and many other instances.

Gene Snitsky was a wrestler on the WWE roster for five years, starting in 2003. He gained notoriety for his involvement in a controversial storyline with Kane and Lita, where he was depicted punting a baby as part of a miscarriage angle.

One of the most bizarre moments of WWE WrestleMania 22 saw Snitsky sucking on Snitsky’s toes. At the 2006 event, the Boogeyman emerged victorious in an intergender handicap match against Booker T and Queen Sharmell. Prior to the match, Booker and Sharmell had an encounter with various WWE “freaks” backstage, such as Eugene, Goldust, Paul Burchill, and Snitsky.


While speaking on the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, Snitsky was asked whether he ever refused to participate in a WWE storyline. Snitsky fondly remembered sucking on Mae Young’s toes right after that.

“Nope. I sucked Mae Young’s toes backstage at WrestleMania! What more can you ask for? And she loved every minute of it. I don’t have to practice. My wife will tell you, I’m a professional foot connoisseur. For the record, Mae Young wanted more. She insisted I keep going but I had to stop when they yelled cut.”

He was eventually released by the end of 2008. Gene Snitsky is happy with his current life and will always be appreciative of his time in WWE and that is all that matters now.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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