Tony Khan has gained a lot of attention for his passion and dedication to professional wrestling. He has established himself as an authentic fan and enthusiast of the sport, and this genuine love for wrestling has connected with fans. That being said, Khan has also faced a lot of criticism since 2022 for a lot of reasons. Now it seems Khan decided to hit out at a claim that AEW does not pay for travel and hotels for their talent.

AEW seems to be setting a new precedent when it comes to providing travel and hotel arrangements for their talent and staff. This recent move has garnered praise from several members of the wrestling community.

The topic came up when a fan asked Dave Meltzer if travel costs were still the responsibility of the talent in the industry. Meltzer claimed that this was true unless the talent was overseas. However, Tony Khan refuted this statement and made it clear that AEW covers all travel and hotel expenses for their talent and staff.

Tony Khan stated on Twitter that AEW invests millions of dollars each year on high-quality hotel rooms and safe transportation to take care of their wrestlers. He also emphasized that this is a significant investment he makes on a weekly basis.

“That’s false Dave. Your statement’s true about other companies but doesn’t apply at all to AEW. AEW invests millions of dollars every year on very good quality hotel rooms and safe transport to take care of our wrestlers. It’s a huge investment I make on hotels weekly.”

Many AEW stars came forward to defend Khan’s statement. Chris Jericho, who has worked for several North American wrestling companies, shared that AEW is the only company that has paid for his transportation and hotels for every show he’s been a part of, at least since1996 when “Paul E paid for my rooms at the crack hotel in Philly.”

Dax Harwood also expressed that no company, whether in wrestling or otherwise, has taken care of him as well as AEW has. He called the treatment “first class” and stated that he’ll never forget it.

No company, wrestling or other, has taken care of me the way AEW has. First class. Ill never forget that.

AEW referee Bryce Remsburg added that AEW staff, including referees, announcers, medical staff, security, hair/makeup artists, and coaches, are all provided with quality arrangements on the road. Even independent wrestlers who have performed as extras for AEW, such as Billie Starkz and Vert Vixen, have been taken care of despite not being under contract.

Can proudly confirm. Wrestlers and all staff (refs, announcers, medical staff, security, hair/makeup, coaches, etc.) Shuttles/from arena. Flights to/from home. 3/4 star hotels reserved for them. I believe this extent of hospitality is unprecedented in pro wrestling history.

Overall, AEW’s decision to cover travel and hotel expenses for their talent and staff is a significant departure from the industry norm. This move has been met with appreciation and gratitude from those who have experienced the benefits firsthand.

What’s your take on what Tony Khan said? Do you believe it’s the truth? Sound off in the comments!

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