AEW has a few signature entrances that features a song Tony Khan didn’t have to buy the licensing for. Mikey Rukus has worked hard to compose some high energy pro wrestling entrance themes, including Ricky Starks. It seems that Ricky Starks wasn’t a fan with his music at first.

The Swerve City Podcast recently spoke to Ricky Starks where he admitted that his “Absolute” AEW entrance music wasn’t a hit with him at first. Then it took some time for Mikey Rukus’ music to grow on him. Now, it seems to make sense.

“I think Rukus did a great job with it. But, I grew into liking it a lot and now it’s pretty much a signature for me. Of course with the horns and the ‘Revolution will be televised’ I think it still adds to me as a person, onscreen, offscreen, it all ties in.”

Ricky Starks is still on a relative hot streak in AEW. Only time will tell how far he will go in the company, but odds are fans will hear that entrance music many more times in the years to come.

What’s your take on Ricky Starks’ AEW entrance music? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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