AEW television features a lot of passionate pro wrestling, and they don’t pull any punches when it comes to getting bloody. It’s hard to have a week of AEW programming without seeing someone bleed in the ring. This is certainly true for pay-per-view events. That being said, it can come off as a bit gratuitous.

Konnan has a lot of experience in pro wrestling, including many occasions that saw him bleed in the ring. While speaking about the subject on Keeping It 100, Konnan admitted that he used to bleed multiple times a week during those feuds.

“I don’t know; it could be. It’s possible. I bladed a lot in Mexico because all my feuds were blood feuds. If I was in a feud that needed blood I would probably, in a two-month period, I would probably bleed twice a week.”

Bleeding in pro wrestling today is a totally different thing. AEW features blood, but WWE does not in any way. Blading is totally off the table for WWE Superstars, but those same rules don’t apply everywhere.


Konnan continued his point as he explained how Mexican audiences still love seeing blood. That being said, when AEW does it, things come off as a bit too much.

“When you bleed in Mexico, people still get hot like 20 years ago. Here’s the problem in the United States, especially in AEW: it just comes off as gratuitous.”

Tony Khan’s company will keep doing their thing. So, until their networks tell them to cut out the cutting, then the blood will continue flowing.

What’s your take on bleeding on AEW television? Should WWE bring back blood? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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