Tony Khan has gained a lot of attention for his passion and dedication to professional wrestling. He has established himself as an authentic fan and enthusiast of the sport, and this genuine love for wrestling has connected with fans. Khan has been booking both AEW Dynamite and ROH and now it seems Khan stated that writing for ROH is easier than AEW.

Tony Khan is a multifaceted figure in AEW, taking on roles as the owner, booker, and occasional producer. In addition to that, Khan makes sure that he does not take up any TV space unless it’s for a major announcement of any sort.

The AEW President purchased Ring Of Honor last year and fans wondered what that would entail for the brand. In the year since then, Khan has produced a few pay-per-views under the ROH brand and has just recently started a weekly television series.

While speaking during the post-AEW Revolution press conference, Tony Khan talked about writing episodes of AEW Dynamite and now the Ring Of Honor television series. Khan stated that writing for ROH is easier than Dynamite.

We’ve done 178 episodes of AEW Dynamite now. Doing a two hour wrestling show with breaks is complex. A lot goes into writing a TV format for a two hour show, it’s actually a lot more complex even with a two hour show, with a number of segment and placement of them, compared to even a one hour show. [When I was younger in school] while I was learning some stuff, I’m a multi-tasker, while I was taking in a scripture, I was also writing episodes of Dynamite on Wednesday Nights. The Dynamites I wrote all through high school and college, they were a lot more like the ROH shows. They didn’t have any commercial breaks and there were a lot of I didn’t have to hit a hard time because I wasn’t answering to a network and it wasn’t like a firm timeslot, it was just a thing I was posting on a message board or email group.

The Ring Of Honor shows do resemble more of what I grew up writing and I think in a lot of way, it’s easier. It’s easier to put togehter studio tapings and have coherent things and have one thing flow to another versus having to come in with live television, the challenges of weeks, someone gets sick, an injury flares up, not having everybody in one place. The way stuff flows from studio tapings, it’s the easiest kind of wrestling to do. A lot of challenges of producing the AEW shows, having those restrictions off, it’s a lot of fun and I really enjoy being able to put those kinds of tapings together.

Chris Jericho also recently explained why Tony Khan rarely makes appearances on AEW television. We will have to wait and see what the AEW President has in store for fans of both AEW television as well as ROH television in the coming weeks.

There is a big difference between writing for ROH and AEW. Tony Khan certainly knows how to do both, and it seems that he is still getting a kick out of running AEW, no matter what’s down the line.

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