AEW Revolution had a big build for Tony Khan’s company, but they aren’t stopping after that big event. Only time will tell what’s next for the second-biggest pro wrestling company in the United States, but Tony Khan has big goals.

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Following AEW Revolution, Tony Khan took part in a media scrum, where he fielded questions from the media. Tony Khan was asked about maintaining AEW’s roster as it continues to grow. This was coupled with a question about making use of everyone on the roster.

Tony Khan was quick to remind everyone that fans wanted a company like AEW to come in and provide this content. AEW also has plans to fill every hour of television they can, and he believes that they have a lot of possibilities with future programming additions, like AEW All Access.

I think the three hours we have right now is a great place, and before AEW launched I think that’s what people were missing was those three hours of wrestling TV on a strong channel like TBS or TNT. So, being a challenger brand, I would love to see that brought back more hours of wrestling television.

It’s great that we have AEW All Access which is a big opportunity with that real estate after Dynamite, and I think we’ll be able to have really good audience flow from Dynamite into All Access. There was a lot of positive feedback after that announcement.

I know the network was excited about the engagement about All Access. From a wrestling standpoint, trying to grow the roster and keep people hot when they get opportunities, it can be challenging. Three hours of television and injuries, and things that have come up to change circumstances. Injuries, we never can eliminate completely, but we do what we can from a physical standpoint, and when people need time off we give it to them.

Tony Khan went on to say that AEW does the best with the three hours of television that the company has. He also believes that they can do even more if they are afforded more time on television.

Does AEW have too many people on their roster at this point? Should Tony Khan reconsider adding another new television show? Sound off in our comments section and start a conversation!

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