Scorpio Sky was pushed as one of the top stars as soon as he arrived in AEW. While his former SCU partners fizzled out of television, and Frankie Kazarian isn’t even around anymore, Sky managed to remain in the spotlight by partaking in some key storylines. Now, his absence is a bit of a surprising one for stars of the company.

However, last summer, Scorpio Sky’s run was cut short when he sustained an injury that ruled him out of action for a couple of months. Since then, Sky has been out of the ring. While many fans may think that Sky is still recovering from his injury, a recent report suggests otherwise.

Fighful Select is now reporting that Scorpio Sky has been healthy for several months now and he was even cleared to compete. He was at the Impact No Surrender PPV but hasn’t been at many AEW Dynamite shows as of late.

There was even some AEW talents that were surprised not to see him at the LA show in January. As far as Sky’s contract goes, he still has several years left on it as he signed a five-year extension in 2021.

“Scorpio Sky has been healthy for several months, and has been cleared. He was dealing with an injury last summer, but has long been cleared. He was at the IMPACT No Surrender PPV, but hasn’t been at many AEW Dynamites of late. There were some AEW talent surprised to not see him at the LA show in early January. Scorpio Sky also has several years left on his deal, as he said in late 2021 he signed a five-year extension,” per Fightful Select.

Scorpio Sky’s absence from AEW programming has been a surprise to many fans and fellow talents. However, a recent report suggests that he has been healthy and cleared to compete for several months now, despite his prolonged absence from the ring. It remains to be seen when he will make his return to AEW, as there are currently no plans for him in the immediate future. Fans will have to stay tuned to see what the future holds for Scorpio Sky in AEW.

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