MJF sees himself as generational talent, and he has a lot of evidence to support this. The Salt of the Earth is now the AEW World Champion, but that is only the beginning for him. That being said, he has been on a path of sheer arrogance, thinking to be on the top of every important marquee in the wrestling world. Furthermore, his latest target for taking jabs on social media was the Bullet Club faction.

MJF was suggested by a fan to become the newest addition to the Bullet Club. However, he blasted the fan on Twitter by bluntly refusing the suggestion and claiming that he rather put a bullet in his head.

“I’d rather join the bullet in my skull club.”

The Bullet Club is considered one of the greatest factions in the history of Japan and even in the entire wrestling business. Furthermore, the faction has seen various incarnations throughout its run in wrestling.


The Bullet Club has been under the leadership of some of the most talented individuals in the business. Some notable faction leaders include AJ Styles, Kenny Omega, Finn Balor, and Jay White.

Moreover, it seems like MJF has no interest in being an addition to that list featuring some of the most accomplished names in the business. His comments make it evident that the Salt of the Earth wants to make a name, only as a solo competitor.

MJF is currently embroiled in a feud with The American Dragon Bryan Danielson. The duo is set to collide in a ’60-minute Iron Man match’ at AEW Revolution for the AEW World championship.

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