The new WWE regime decided to mold things in a completely different direction and rewrite some of the mistakes done by the previous management. Bringing back some of the top-tier talents has been one key ramification and a bright prospect like Emma was very much on top of the list. The Australian superstar recently revealed plans for her upcoming birthday in a jaw-dropping photo.

Emma is looking for a grand celebration for her first birthday since being back in WWE. She recently posted a sizzling bikini photo on Instagram and revealed that she along with her real-life boyfriend, Madcap Moss have booked Costa Rica in March for the aforementioned occasion.

“We booked Costa Rica in March for my birthday! Can’t wait!🔥.”

Emma was introduced to the world of professional wrestling by her brother at a very early age. She even started at a young age in the hardcore business and journeyed on this hard path to achieve a life-long dream.

Tenille Dashwood’s first stint in WWE saw her revolutionize the NXT women’s division and plant the early seeds for a change in the company in regard to women. Moreover, Emma’s bout with Paige in 2012 back in NXT has been considered as the start of the Women’s Revolution.

However, unlike her stint in NXT, Emma failed to impress the audience and the higher-ups on the main roster, despite undergoing character changes. This led to Emma being released by the company in 2017.

The Australian star was brought back to the company by WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H as a major addition to the women’s division. It is yet to be seen if Emma would be able to make a huge impact during her second run in WWE.

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