Sami Zayn became one of the hottest acts on WWE television programming for the better part of the last year. His work as ‘The Honorary Uce’ of The Bloodline made him a massive fan favorite among the WWE Universe. However, Zayn decided to cut ties and betray Roman Reigns and his family for the ill-treatment they subjected him to. But Sami recently reflected on his Bloodline days with an old memento he found back home.

The former WWE Intercontinental champion recently came back home to a Bloodline artifact and reflected on his past days. Sami Zayn posted a photo on Twitter of an old towel from his time in the faction.

“Got back home to Montreal and found this towel hanging in my bathroom. Simpler times. 💔.”

Sami Zayn rose to prominence more than ever in his career, ever since he became a part of The Bloodline last year. Moreover, his amazing character work and ability to connect with the audience made him a huge favorite on WWE programming each week.

However, things started to get turbulent as Sami Zayn’s loyalty came into question during Roman Reigns’ feud with Kevin Owens over the Undisputed WWE Universal championship. Moreover, Zayn was put through the final test at the Royal Rumble event to prove his innocence in the main event match between Reigns and Owens.

In one of the biggest shockers, Sami Zayn did the unexpected, by not attacking his best friend Kevin Owens, and landing a chair shot on Roman Reigns’ back instead. This effectively ended his association with The Bloodline and was decimated by Reigns’ family for the ultimate betrayal.

Sami Zayn is now scheduled to battle Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal championship at WWE’s next pay-per-view, Elimination Chamber. The event will take place in Sami’s hometown of Montreal, Canada, and will be the golden opportunity to seek revenge on Roman Reigns and perhaps secure the biggest win of his entire career with the crowd firmly behind the hometown hero.

Do you think Sami Zayn will become the champion at Elimination Chamber? Sound off in the comments!

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