Jake Hager made his name in the world of professional wrestling through his amazing in-ring ability and accomplished amateur wrestling background. He has been a part of major promotions including the global juggernaut, WWE. The former Jack Swagger recently revealed some interesting information regarding the backstage environment of WWE and a particular word they were not allowed to use.

The fans have heard many rumors about WWE talent walking on eggshells and avoiding certain wrong things to say. Jake Hage revealed that they were not allowed to speak about unionizing, during his recent appearance on Story Time with Dutch Mantell.

“That’s a good question because while I was there, that was the [word] that you never said. They were like, ‘Don’t talk about your contract, and don’t talk about anything having to do with a union, otherwise you’ll get blacklisted.'”

Jake Hager stated that talking about forming a union was one surefire way to put your job at risk in WWE. Hager further claimed that he witnessed people go against this and ended up landing in a soup that didn’t work out too well.

“I saw it happen. I can’t remember exactly, but they were complaining about something, and they were talking about how we should all get together and get some power. I’m like, it’s not that company.”

There have been a lot of discussions about the status of professional wrestlers as independent contractors. The main debate looms around how much companies can take leverage when it comes to independent contractors isn’t exclusive to WWE.

The issue has been raised by former presidential candidate Andrew Yang in 2021. Yang called for past and present WWE superstars to come together and contact a union lawyer and claim everything that their former boss Vince McMahon owed them.

Nevertheless, Jake Hager also found himself in the WWE environment for nearly ten years as an in-ring performer. However, the former World Heavyweight Champion now brings his in-ring prowess to Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling, where he performs as a member of the  Jericho Appreciation Society stable.

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