Matt Hardy is best known for his time in WWE where he spent a large part of his career. Years ago, Hardy, as part of his “Woken” character, joined forces with Bray Wyatt to form a tag team known as The Deleters of Worlds in WWE. However, Hardy believes Vince McMahon misused him and Bray Wyatt as a tag team.

Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy even held the Raw Tag Team Championships. Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt battled each other in a cinematic match at one point, which aired on Raw and took place at Hardy’s compound.

Unfortunately, Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt simply never clicked in the way they should have and this ended up disappointing fans in a huge way.

While speaking on the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt Hardy talked about his tag team with Bray Wyatt. Hardy stated that he believes Vince McMahon misused him and Bray Wyatt as a tag team.


There was a point where Vince seemed to be high on us at one point, but he said, ‘We’ve got to do this right. You guys are two very special characters. You can be something very special together.’ He ended up putting us out there and we’re wrestling almost every single week. We were just getting wins. We won the tag titles and we’re having three or four minute matches, which really didn’t do anything for us or our opponents. It didn’t do a lot for us either way. I would have kept our wrestling appearances a lot more limited and made us special gimmick characters. I would have done a lot more vignettes. Bray and I had a deal where Bray would have nothing left and he would come to the Hardy compound.

We had some pretty good entertaining vignettes in mind that we would have liked to have done at that time where he would be accepted as a part of our family and House Hardy. I felt like we needed off-site vignettes more than anything else. I would have added a lot of that. I would have really liked to build the characters, as opposed to just putting us in the ring every single week and making us common wrestlers, because we were supposed to be special attractions”

Bray Wyatt is currently one of the top stars on Friday Night Smackdown while Matt Hardy is currently engaged in a storyline with Ethan Page. We’ll have to wait and see what’s next in store for both.

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