Ever since its inception, AEW has been busy signing talent from other promotions, especially WWE. They now have a packed roster of extremely talented individuals. However, there is one problem that has risen in recent months. With an ever-expanding roster, not everyone will be able to get their time on television, meaning that a lot of the younger talent are missing crucial television time. With a couple of their wrestlers’ contracts expiring this year, the best thing for the company at this point is to let some of those contracts expire.

One of those contracts set to expire this year is Brock Anderson who is the son of Arn Anderson. Brock made his AEW debut in 2021. While he was initially present in some important storylines, the last year has seen him get relegated to AEW Dark.

Arn Anderson recently spoke to Steve Fall for WrestlingNewsPremium where he revealed that Brock’s contract is up in May and he has another year left on his contract.

“Well, Brock’s got about, I think in May his is up, and then I have another year passed that. I’m having a great time. I’m enjoying working for the company and I’m going to certainly get that last year now. What they have for Brock and I together going forward, I don’t know. I look at things and always have going all the way back to WCW when contracts came out. When you get a guaranteed contract, your wife has the luxury of planning your life because they do it anyway. To know much time and it’s not something that’s not going to change and all that, you can map your life out. That gives me another year and a half almost to help Brock every which way I can,” he said

Arn Anderson continued to say that he will remain in AEW as long as they want him but he will not stay if he is not wanted.

“I will stay with AEW as long as they want me. That’s my one thing, and I said that after I left, well, I was canned by WWE. I don’t want to be anywhere that I’m not wanted anyway, not for one minute, not for any amount of money, not for one second. If at the end of the contract, if they would like for me to stay aboard in some limited capacity, I would love to.”

Arn Anderson could really prove useful in sharing his experiences and guiding AEW’s young roster of talent. However, given the limited television time Brock has been receiving lately, it will be interesting to see if he re-signs with the company. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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