Renee Paquette has surely made a name for herself in the world of sports entertainment, excelling in roles such as backstage interviewer and analyst for various companies. Mrs. Moxley is also known to balance her professional duties and responsibilities as a mother to her beautiful daughter, Nora Murphy Good. However, her little baby girl recently showed some early signs of wrestling that run deep in her blood.

The former WWE backstage interviewer recently revealed on Twitter, that her daughter seemingly put her in the arm bar submission hold. This happened when Renee Paquette was changing her diaper and credited her as the tinniest wrestler in the making.

“My daughter put me in an arm bar this morning while I was changing her diaper. Legit. Full eye contact and she squeezed 😂I think the BCC is prepping their teeniest member.”

Renee Paquette married fellow co-worker and professional wrestler Jon Moxley. The duo met during their tenure in WWE and got married in 2017. They were blessed with their daughter, Nora, in 2021.

The Canadian television personality began her career in media, working on a program called Right After Wrestling in 2009. This was right before Renee Paquette landed a WWE contract in 2012.

Renee Paquette became a mainstay backstage correspondent for all major shows for WWE. Moreover, she also went on to become the first woman in WWE history to assume the role of a commentator. Paquette left WWE in 2020 and began pursuing other ventures, including starting her own podcast.

Jon Moxley and Renee Paquette have once again reunited as colleagues in AEW. While Moxley is among the top attractions for the company, Paquette debuted in October 2022 as an interviewer and analyst. With their daughter showing early signs of her parents’ profession inside her, the later future could definitely pull Nora Good into the wrestling world as well.

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