AEW is known to have some of the most talented and athletically gifted female stars on its roster. The caliber and pure athleticism of these women have been on full display ever since the company came into existence in 2019. One of them is surely five-foot fury Tay Melo. The blond AEW star is known to flaunt her beautiful body and this time raised the temperature higher than ever with a super skimpy photo.

Tay Melo is not only a talented in-ring competitor but also a blond beauty. She recently decided to lose her shirt in a jaw-dropping bareback posted on Instagram giving a massive treat to her fans.

“Things are getting hot in here 🔥 Link in Bio.”

Tay Melo began her wrestling career in 2016, after being exceptionally well in other combat sports such as martial arts, judo, and even gymnastics. Her first stop in the wrestling world was the global juggernaut, WWE.


Mrs. Guevara, despite her incredible talent and promising future, failed to get relevant opportunities to showcase her skill and ability to the best. Furthermore, Tay Melo was released by WWE in April 2020.

Tay Melo further began her next chapter in the wrestling world, joining WWE’s rival promotion, AEW in August 2020. It was there that she found her potential being realized as a top female star and even led to meeting her husband, Sami Guevara.

Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo’s onscreen chemistry was widely regarded by the fans. The duo has a progressive future ahead in AEW and could emerge as two of the biggest and most charismatic stars in the industry.

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