The wrestling world is no stranger to seeing superstars, podcasters, and other personnel taking shots at each other on social media. One such recent incident involved former WCW superstar Disco Inferno and pro journalist Sean Ross Sapp. A discussion about a prevalent issue that every wrestler on the road faced turned into a back-and-forth between the two.

The discussion began with Sean Ross Sapp revealing his travel experience on the road, stating that he was cooked in just a week. This led him to question WCW star Disco Inferno on how do the wrestlers manage to undergo hectic travel schedules.

“I don’t know how wrestlers do it. One travel week and I’m cooked.”

Disco Inferno took to Twitter to respond to Sean Ross Sapp. He took a jab at Ross being a wrestling journalist, claiming that it was just one among the many things about the wrestling world that he was not aware of.

“”I don’t know how wrestlers do it” is among the many things you don’t know about this business.”

Sean Ross Sapp was not going to let Disco Inferno get the best of him. He responded on Twitter, dragging Inferno for being the manager of the strip tease joint and asking him to seek fellow legend Konnan for maintaining his relevance today.

“Weird. You didn’t say that when you were kissing my ass in that strip club you manage. Good luck clinging onto Konnan for relevance. Seems lucrative!”

Disco Inferno had a six-year-long tenure with World Championship Wrestling from 1995 to 2001. He managed to win a few titles in the promotion and was considered a more novel mid-card wrestler on their roster.

After his WCW exit, Disco Inferno went on to work for promotions like TNA and World Wrestling All-Stars. However, today, he enjoys watching wrestling from the sidelines and continues to be involved in the business in various other roles. Apparently, managing a strip club is right there with appearing on Konnan’s weekly Keeping it 100 podcast.

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