Drew McIntyre and Sheamus have formed an alliance as of late ever since their feud with the Bloodline. They have been at it against The Usos as of late and even found an unlikely name for their team – Banger Bros. The name has received mixed reactions since it was formed and even WWE has addressed this on live television. However, it looks like they are sticking with it for the time being.

Prior to them naming their team “Banger Bros,” the term banger had gained a lot of traction among the wrestling community thanks to Sheamus and the Brawling Brutes who used the term regularly to describe their matches.

Taz who is known for being outspoken and never afraid to speak his mind opened up about the term banger and said that he hated the word. He said:

““banger”. Good gosh I hate that term so fucking much. “GREAT”, “AMAZING” or “AWESOME” is more than fine. If I was still doing my podcast I would do a WHOLE show on that word….than BAN IT. #HateThatCornyShit

Since then, Taz has responded to that tweet with another tweet saying that he was only referring to the term “banger” and had no idea WWE had a team called “Banger Bros.”

“Only was referring to word for describing a “great” wrestling match, I had no clue WWE had a team with that name. Im still shocked some of the wrestling “media” write this up as a story…lol ridiculous! *Im 50LBS lighter now than that old photo. Just saying ;)”

The Banger Bros. are currently feuding with the Viking Raiders on SmackDown. Given the hard-hitting styles of both teams, this should make for a banger of a storyline. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

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