Chelsea Green made her way back to WWE, after weeks of rumors and speculations surrounding her joining the company. The Hot Mess arrived in fashion at this weekend’s Royal Rumble event, looking to seize her opportunity. However, everything went south as Green had an embarrassing re-debut in WWE, and making matters worse, her former rival Mickie James took a massive shot at her.

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The heated rivalry between Mickie James and Chelsea Green had been prevalent in IMPACT Wrestling. In fact, it was a loss at the hands of Green that sent Mickie into thinking that she might be done.

That led to Mickie James embarking on a journey of redemption and rediscovery called ‘The Last Rodeo.’ Mickie James vowed to go through every woman in the IMPACT locker room or go home.

The fans saw Chelsea Green and Mickie James encounter each other once again during the Last Rodeo. However, this time it was Hardcore Country that prevailed over The Hot Mess and eventually led to Mickie James winning the IMPACT Knockouts championship at Hard Kill a few weeks ago.

As far as Chelsea Green, she was not seen on IMPACT following her loss to Mickie James and was rumored to have been signed by WWE. Mickie James continued the charade by taking a jab at Chelsea on Twitter for the embarrassment she faced on her first night back in WWE last night at the Royal Rumble.

Ps. Congratulations @ImChelseaGreen Helluva entrance. Helluva exit. If you’re gonna debut at the #RoyalRumble Make it one they can’t forget! 🤠😜.”

Mickie James, on the other hand, knows a thing or two about making history at the Royal Rumble. It was at last year’s Rumble event that James entered the Royal Rumble match as the IMPACT Knockouts champion and became the first person to cross over from another promotion and appear on WWE television programming.

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