Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler were known as The Revival during their time in WWE. They had a successful run in WWE’s NXT brand but were not able to achieve the same level of success on the main roster. Harwood previously stated that he believes his relationship with Road Dogg was strained from the very beginning. This led to an apology from the DX member himself. However, it seems Harwood accused Road Dogg of lying after his recent apology.

Recently, Dax Harwood said that he believes Road Dogg was not a fan of his. In fact, Harwood added that Road Dogg threatened to block his advancement in WWE. This inevitably led to a lot of discussion in the pro wrestling world.

Road Dogg is clearly aware of how much the topic was being discussed, so the WWE Hall of Famer addressed Dax Harwoods’s statements, and he apologized to Hardwood if he had ever offended him. It seems that apology didn’t mend everything.

While speaking during the latest edition of FTR, Dax Harwood talked about Road Dogg’s most recent comments. He also criticized the WWE official for not saying thank you after their segments or matches, which he believes is a long-standing tradition in the industry to show appreciation for one’s colleagues and to ensure safety in the ring.


Dax Harwood also stated that Road Dogg is aware of that and that he is only trying to spin a narrative to gain fans’ support, and this makes him not trust Road Dogg.

“Going to RAW 25, he says “I’m sorry if I upset Dax by not saying thank you, but I don’t think I had to come back and say thank you for doing your job.” Again, he is spinning a narrative to try to get fans on his side because he knows it’s a time-honoured tradition, for years and years, when you get finished with a segment, when you get finished with a match, when there’s business done, you walk to the back and say thank you.

That’s how it’s always been, right? One, you say thank you for keeping me safe, so I can go home tomorrow and hang out with my family. You say thank you for bumping around for me and making me look good so I can continue to make money. He KNOWS that. He absolutely knows that. He’s spun his narrative so he didn’t look like the bad guy. Which is what I think he did the whole time I was in WWE, which in turn makes me not trust him.”

In addition to all he said, Dax Harwood went on to accuse Road Dogg of lying through his teeth in his previous responses to what Harwood had complained about. That is not to say Road Dogg a bad person, but Dax still doesn’t believe him.

I’m not saying that Road Dogg is a bad person. I’m just saying those three instances, he’s not telling the truth.”

FTR lost all of their major tag team titles in the past few months. Now the Top Guys will take some time off from professional wrestling and focus on their personal lives. We’ll have to see when the duo returns to AEW television, or what’s in their future, as the duo’s contracts are up in April.

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