The working style of WWE has undergone major shift ever since the regime of Triple H and his cohorts took over. The new management has produced exciting content until now, however, it seems that an unknown person is secretly luring into the shadows to capture secret information about the company.

A video from inside the WWE Performance Center has been posted on Twitter by an anonymous account under the name @NXT_Anonymous and is apparently going viral. The video features NXT superstars Kayden Karter and Katana Chance having a conversation with the medical staff.

The video seemed even more suspicious as a woman’s voice can be heard saying “Everyone has their secrets in NXT. What’s yours?” This led to both Kayden Karter and Katana Chance responding to the same on Twitter.

In case you’re wondering how the two subjects feel about this invasion of privacy, they don’t seem pleased. Katana Chance replied to ask, “Why would you film a private conversation with medical?” Meanwhile, Kayden Carter simply replied to say Wtf??? Creeper”


Ever since Triple H took over the reins as Head of Creative for all major programming, we have seen different and intriguing content produced by WWE, and this new angle could be the latest campaign to create hype for the product.

Who do you think could be this anonymous person posting WWE content? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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