Pro wrestling has used a wide variety of terminology for many years. When referring to fans who don’t understand what they are speaking about, people in the pro wrestling industry frequently use the term “mark” in a disparaging manner, and William Regal recently shared his thoughts on it.

William Regal’s Gentleman Villain podcast will end with his anticipated return to WWE. In the final episode, he expanded on his views on the wrestling industry. Regal continued by discussing the “wasp theory” for younger wrestlers and gave his reasons for disliking the term “mark” in professional wrestling.

“This is for young wrestlers. Unfortunately, we overcomplicate this, as wrestlers. It’s been going on from the gladiator days. It’s been going on from… I’ll hold me hand up, I’m a faithless heathen, but from David and Goliath. If you had a hundred people and they all got stung by a wasp, this is nothing wrong with anybody, 98 people would get away from it. They’re the smart ones.

“That’s why when we’ve used the word, the “m-word” [mark] which I don’t like. They’re the smart ones. Don’t look at them as the silly ones, they’re the smart ones. A wasp sting hurts. The two people who stay are the two wrestlers. They’re not right in the head. If you wanna go and fight for a living, you’re not quite right.


100 people get stung by a wasp. 98 of them go, oh, I don’t want any more of that and go stand over there. Then 99 and 100 are the two people that will fight the wasps. And the 98 people will go ‘I wish I could do that.’ That’s your audience! They want to see things they wish they could do!”

William Regal is anticipated to work more behind the scenes to assist the NXT roster and possibly recruit talent when he rejoins WWE. He is not likely to have an on-camera role. Stay tuned to Ringside News to get the latest update.

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