John Cena is a name to be reckoned with in the wrestling and entertainment business. The breakthrough cross-over wrestling Superstar has performed some of the best matches in the business, and rumors of his in-ring return still swirl to this day. Still, not everyone’s track record is spotless.

John Cena is considered a safe worker, but there can be problems with safe workers too. During his Café de Rene show, Rene Dupree opened up about how John Cena broke a fellow wrestler’s neck.

Rene Dupree talked about a situation from 2004 where Jesús’ was kicked in the head by John Cena. ‘Jesús,’ Aguilera was showcased as the bodyguard of Carlito.

At the time, John Cena was the United States Champion, and he defended his title against Aaron Aguilera in a Street Fight at Armageddon ’04. While Aguilera reportedly entered the match with a few pre-existing injuries, his night was made worse when he injured his neck during the loss to John Cena.


Jesús! For those who don’t remember, he was Carlito’s bodyguard, and Cena broke his neck, actually. There was a spot where he kicked him in the head that legitimately broke his neck. I felt bad for him because, like, he broke his neck, he was out for like five or six months, and he was from San Diego.

Aaron Aguilera was fired from WWE in April 2005, and Rene Dupree revealed the incident that led to his dismissal. Aguilera reportedly arrived at a SmackDown taping in his hometown of San Diego, hoping to make his on-screen return.

According to Dupree, the Superstar made the mistake of dressing up in his full gear, which enraged Vince McMahon. That night, the former WWE CEO allegedly fired Aguilera. Of course, John Cena’s story continued, and it’s pretty hard not to see him to this day.

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Amit Shukla

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