Lacey Evans is one tough WWE superstar given her history of military service. In the ring, she has also held her own. She is now set to make her music video debut with musician Harlan, Saved and TikToker Dane The Great.

Evans is set to star in a music video with Dane Lindfors, famously known as Dane The Great. The music video is titled “Lawless” and will drop on December 13th. The music department will be handled by Harlan Saved, who has joyously shared his excitement about the release on his Instagram profile.

Based on the first impression of the post, the music video leans toward a crime-based story. It looks like this video will be quite an interesting watch, complete with humor and entertaining characters.

In April 2022, The Sassy Southern Belle triumphantly returned to WWE. She debuted a new proud US Marine and mother babyface persona, which immediately turned heel as a result of the WWE Universe’s apparent disrespect for her. She eventually entered the ring despite being previously injured and sidelined. In recent memory, a new video vignette for Evans could lead to another character change.


Many people believed Vince McMahon was a fan of the former real-life United States Marine. The company’s lack of immediate creative plans for her after Vince McMahon’s departure alarmed many. It seems that Lacey Evans was still very busy despite not being used on WWE television.

Taking a detour from her usual ways in life might be a good thing for Lacey Evans. We will get to see a new side of Evans when the video drops on December 13th.

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