Friday Night SmackDown was shifted to FS1 due to Fox Sports’ coverage of the FIFA World Cup. The show included SmackDown’s World Cup finals of their own between Santos Escobar and Ricochet, as well as Shayna Baszler, Gunther, and Sheamus vs. Sami Zayn. Despite the loaded show and strong effort, Jim Cornette appears to be dissatisfied with how Triple H booked the show.

To say Jim Cornette was disappointed by the last edition of Friday Night SmackDown would be an understatement. Cornette argues that if he suggested such a show to Vince McMahon while working for WWE, he would have been fired. The legendary manager shared his thoughts on the card during the latest episode of the Jim Cornette Experience.

Jim Cornette complained about Fox not airing Smackdown because of the World Cup, and how WWE threw up its hands and didn’t even try. He further stated that he did not watch the show. Instead, Jim read the recap to see if he should, and he immediately found out the answer.

So Fox didn’t air Smackdown because of the World Soccer Cup or whatever… They threw their hands up and they said just just go, we’re not even gonna try. Do you want to hear what the matches on SmackDown were? I didn’t watch it. I read the recap to determine whether I should and quickly got the answer to that. But would you like to just hear what the matches were? [Brian – If it’ll keep this short? Yes.] Okay.


Sheamus wrestled Sami Zayn, and that alone might not have been bad. And The Bloodline actually helped Sami win this. So Sami beat Sheamus. So boy howdy you didn’t see that coming. But there was no Roman Reigns, there was no Paul Heyman, because it wasn’t network TV and they didn’t bring out all the big guns. And to honestly spend two hours of my life to watch Sheamus versus Sami, meh.

Because the rest of the programme, Shayna Baszler versus Emma, a non-title match between Kofi Kingston and Gunther and again, I love Gunther, I love to watch Gunther, [but] against Kofi f*cking Kingston? And the main event apparently, or the match they put in the main event spot was Pablo Escobar against Ricochet. That was the show.

If I was Tony Khan right now, I’d be screaming. I’d be screaming you f*cking asshole wrestlers I’ve signed, you can’t get your sh*t together and get along with each other and stop trying to get out of my contracts long enough to beat a company in a promotional war that’s not even f*cking trying anymore. SmackDown Main Event Pablo Escobar and Ricochet, one of three all star matches on a two hour programme. If I had turned that into Vince McMahon 25 years ago, he’d have fired me.

Ricochet beat Escobar in the main event to win the SmackDown World Cup and earn a shot at the Intercontinental Title against Gunther. Let’s see if Triple H reacts to this. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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