Rikishi is one of the most famous big men to ever grace the squared circle. One of the things that made him famous was the hilarious Stink Faces that he delivered to his rivals. However, Rikishi narrated an incident from his past that changed his life for the better.

Before he became a professional wrestler, Rikishi was involved with the wrong crowd when he was a teenager. During a recent interview with GV Wire, Rikishi described a terrible incident where he was shot during a drive-by shooting. He further stated that this incident shaped his life.

I was kind of getting into things that I wasn’t supposed to get into. One day I got hit by a drive-by shooting and that kind of changed my outlook on life.”

“I was given a second chance. They pronounced me dead for three minutes in the General Hospital in San Francisco. To be able to see the pain of my family … I was in hospital for two months. As I looked around, I seen a lot of hurt on my family, hurt on my mother’s face, my parents. I felt it was my responsibility to be able to make this better.”

The shooting was a significant incident of his life and helped him grow overnight. He became a changed man after he went to live with his uncles Afa and Sika and joined the family wrestling business to become a legend in his own right.

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Sunil Joseph

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