Tasha Steelz became one of the mainstays of Impact Wrestling’s women’s division thanks to working with Keira Hogan, who left the company after her contract expired. She still has around year left in her Impact Wrestling contract. Tasha Steelz recently claimed that entering AEW doesn’t require her to pass through a door.

In the past, Steelz and Kiera Hogan teamed up to form Fire ‘N Flava, and they twice took home the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship. Hogan signed a contract with AEW after departing IMPACT in July 2021. Steelz has stayed with IMPACT after leaving, and during her time there, she enjoyed a spectacular tenure as the Knockouts World Champion.

Hogan, meantime, has joined forces with Jade Cargill to become one of the Baddies. The potential of Steelz joining AEW was brought up during a conversation with The Bob Culture Podcast at Baltimore Celebfest. The hosts mentioned that they had seen Steelz chatting with the Baddies there.

She remarked that she doesn’t have to go through any doors, whether they are forbidden or not, in order to visit the company because the Baddies agree that they need to add some “flava.” The former champion added that she informed Cargill she is now in charge of the Baddies.


I chopped it up with the Baddies, and the Baddies all have agreed that Flava needs to be added. I think a lot of Flava needs to be added. So you just never know. You never know. Fire ‘n’ Flava has never died. Fire ‘n’ Flava will still continue beyond. So yeah, AEW, I don’t need a door to go through. I can get in any kind of way. I just show up. How can they deny that? I kinda tweeted to Jade, she’ll see it sometime, that I run the Baddies now. Look at me, I am the captain now.

Steelz recently talked about Hogan leaving IMPACT Wrestling. Hogan stated in a recent interview that she was unsure of the reason behind her exclusion from the next WOW season. Check out the full interview below.

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