The season premiere of Monday Night RAW kicked off last night. The show had many speculating about what was going to happen given the epic close to WWE Extreme Rules 2022.

The show started with D-Generation X discussing what they could and couldn’t do before The Bloodline made their way to the ring for a classic segment. Former WWE official Jimmy Korderas in his latest ‘Reffin Rant’ on Twitter believed that RAW should’ve started with Bray Wyatt to capitalize on all the buzz from Extreme Rules.

“How you start the show is just as important as how you end it, and I think there was a missed opportunity last night at Raw,” he said. “In front of the live audience, The Bloodline taking their time, great entrance, tremendous heat from these guys, fans loving it … and it was a great segment. Sami Zayn, awesome.” 

Korderas continued:

“I thought this is the way they could have opened the show,” Korderas said. “Yes, I know it’s the 25th anniversary of DX and all that going on, but I think there was a huge opportunity to start the show off with a real kick-ass moment with Bray Wyatt.”

Although there was a lot of talk around Bray Wyatt’s return, he wasn’t part of Monday Night RAW. However, there was another QR code shown during the show that indicated he would be at SmackDown.

How did you feel about the season premiere of Monday Night RAW? Comment down below.

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