Ever since his main roster in 2020, Riddle was part of a tag team with RK-Bro. The duo even won the RAW Tag Team Championships. The two men would continue as a team until Randy Orton suffered a serious injury.

Since then, Riddle has been on his own and embarked on a couple of storylines. However, his current feud with Seth Rollins has catapulted the former MMA star into the limelight.

During an interview segment on RAW a couple of weeks ago, Seth Rollins delivered a scathing promo on Riddle even mentioning his divorce. This segment seemed all too real given the real-life beef between the two men.

Riddle married Lisa Rennie in 2011. The two remained a couple until their divorce in 2022. Speaking on Corey Grave’s “After The Bell” podcast, Riddle opened up about his personal life being in shambles while his professional life is great.


“Well, I’ll say this. My personal life is in shambles. I’m not gonna cry on this show, but my personal life is pretty brutal. It’s been a rough year for me, a rough couple years dude. But yeah, professionally, though, my life is amazing. It’s great. I think right now, I think for tag team wrestling when Randy was here, I was at my apex of tag team wrestling.

I think right now when it comes to my singles career, I’m still in its infancy. I feel like especially this year, you know, take Money in the Bank for example. I was so close to getting that briefcase and then I got knocked up after already RKOing Seth off the top and doing all this crazy stuff. I wrestled Roman, hit him with an RKO, almost had him and almost had him again, but didn’t. So I just feel like right now in my singles career, I’m like the little engine that can’t (he laughs). I’m chugging along, but once I get to the top of the hill, I seem to run out of steam.

You know, but right now, I think this match with Seth tomorrow will take me to that next level. I think it’s a steady process uphill, but my engine can keep going. I got the fuel. I got the coal bro. I’m gonna keep throwing it in the fire and I’m gonna make it up over this hill, and I think I’m gonna see my next singles championship sooner than later. Definitely sooner than Seth, bro.”

Matt Riddle is set to battle Seth Rollins inside the fight pit at WWE Extreme Rules.

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