Under Vince McMahon’s rule, there were quite few modern pro wrestling words that were banned. This included the word ‘wrestler’ as well as ‘Championship belts.’ Things have clearly changed now as Triple H has lifted the ban on such words.

During Drew McIntyre’s promo segment with Kevin Owens earlier this month, McIntyre repeatedly said “wrestling” and ”wrestlers.” Fans praised the segment for its intensity and genuine emotions.

While speaking on The Bump, Kevin Owens talked about the aforementioned promo segment. The Prizefight claimed that his promo was based in reality.

“What I told Drew that night, I felt that way about Drew for a long time.” said Kevin Owens, “I think he’s incredible in the ring but to me it seemed like he always tried to be something he’s not. I told him that right to his face and obviously that did something to him. Look he wants to credit me for it, I don’t want to take any credit.


I didn’t always feel that way. I thought Drew McIntyre, a few years ago, was tremendous. Then I don’t know something happened. I’m not sure what it is exactly but at one point, In the last few years, I felt like he just, I don’t know if he was more worried about coming across as a superstar, whatever it was, but I felt like he lost himself.”

I told him that and obviously, as he just said, it lit something under him and I’m glad it did. I feel like since then, he has been on an incredible run. He came as close as it gets to winning that title. Probably should be champion now to be honest. I look forward to being in the ring with him again. I have a lot of respect for Drew, but sometimes you just got to get stuff off your chest when you have the chance.”

Things are clearly changing in WWE under Triple H’s reign. Fans and pro wrestlers alike couldn’t be happier with this surprising turn of events. We’ll have to see what WWE has planned for fans next.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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