CM Punk has been a divisive individual in AEW ever since joining the company. His last two wins for the AEW Heavyweight Champion resulted in injuries either during the match or a few days later after the win. Now a known former WWE writer is getting to shoot his two cents on the matter.

On the newest episode of Wrestling with Freddie, former WWE creative team member and backstage producer Freddie Prinze Jr. commented on AEW’s current issues. One of the topics involved the difficulty for CM Punk to impress his philosophies onto a much younger AEW locker room.

“If you listen to what CM Punk said in the beginning, he said, I can’t wait to work with this next generation, this young talent out here, and give them the spotlight they need.

“Now he went in there with that intention in mind, but when you see how different that other generation thinks, and what kind of stories they want to tell, and how different it is than what you want to do, and when your body won’t allow you to tell the stories that they told when you were in your prime, and you start getting hurt all the time trying to prove a philosophy, it’s hard for that younger generation to buy into your philosophy even more.

“They’re like, he’s talking about us working and gonna get hurt and he’s hurt every match he’s in.”

Prinze left out that many on the AEW roster are younger than millennials and more to a Gen Z crowd. That’s something Punk is attempting to sell his philosophy with mixed to negative results.

CM Punk’s status with AEW is unknown regarding the incident after AEW All Out. He recently had surgery for his torn tricep that he suffered during his rematch against Jon Moxley for the AEW Heavyweight Championship at All Out. It’s expected for Punk to recover within the next several months, but it’s unknown if he will return to AEW.

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Andre Porter

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