Control Your Narrative has been nothing else if not controversial. The promotion has been accused of being everything from a gateway to conspiracy theories to just plain bad wrestling. EC3 has now decided to change the narrative.

Control Your Narrative revealed in July that a 24-date tour will start on October 14th. Originally a part of Control Your Narrative, Karrion Kross and Braun Strowman re-signed with WWE at the end of July after Triple H assumed control of the creative team.

EC3 highlighted how the preparations for Control Your Narrative have evolved after Kross and Strowman re-signed with WWE in an interview with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston. It seems that plans for his narrative have changed.

I am a professional and a businessman. When we talk about wild, out of the box, something that may work or may never work, we’re under the agreement and understanding that this is a business and the time will come where there might be a decision and we have to do what is best for ourselves. There is no fault, dislike, or regret with that. As far as, do I know talks are going on? We don’t need to talk about that because in my mind, talks are ongoing, all the time, with everybody. Any second, you get that call. Any second it could happen. It’s not something to worry about. With Kross, he’s so phenomenal.


I have such a deep fondness for his creativity, respect, work ethic, all those things. I would have loved for us to be a three-headed monster of creating crazy. At the same time, we had no guarantees. We’re not funded. If this works, it’ll be great. If it doesn’t, whatever we do together is going to be great. If we revisit later, it’s going to be great. We all have to take care of ourselves and things like that. It’s a testament to Control Your Narrative because two guys are going to be pegged as WWE World Champion material in this moment. They came through the process.

We’re dealing with the ramifications now because when you lose a top name and a draw, the business has to be reevaluated, especially from an outside perspective of our tour. That will not go on as planned. We try to salvage an opportunity for some of these dates to be maintained, but as is, it was booked based on that availability, which is no longer there. That’s okay. Small infrastructure. Is that what we are, this traveling promotion? We could be, are we ready to be? I don’t know. Not allowing the legs to get kicked out underneath. Realizing, we can have that, that’s a luxury, but we need to build a foundation of what this is and that’s new, youthful. different, undiscovered, or reinventing. I do feel bad Kross didn’t get some giant thing like I wrote for Adam because I was so fond of his effort and respect that I didn’t do that, but Adam was more on the business end than Kross was initially. If we were 33/33/33 business partners, we should have been, but we’re not, and that’s okay.

Tour dates were pulled off of the Control Your Narrative website. Currently, Strowman and Kross are associated with the WWE SmackDown brand. In other parts of the conversation, EC3 talked about an alleged incident involving Patrick Clark and how WWE was made aware of it. You may check out the full interview below.

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