MJF worked hard to establish himself as one of the most controversial and talked about talents in a long time. The Salt Of The Earth is second to none when it comes to cutting a promo as well

The Salt of the Earth also mentioned going to WWE again during his promo. He also referenced several WWE employees, including Cody Rhodes, WWE co-CEO Nick Khan, and Triple H. He also insulted Josh Allen.

While speaking on Keepin’ it 100, Disco Inferno criticized AEW for wasting their opportunity with MJF’s promo.

Bro, they [AEW] had a chance to try to turn this into something realistic and it’s just all wrestling, you know, phony it’s not… it’s all an angle. There’s no way you can sell any of this as a shoot anymore so all the meat on that bone is gone. Like it’s just a work, it’s just another AEW angle and they let MJF talk about this stuff, they’ll say ‘oh look it’s a shoot’ but we know it’s not, because it’s not going anywhere, right?”


AEW also has plans for MJF at Full Gear, which could see him challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title. We’ll have to see if MJF will win or not.

Do you think AEW wasted their opportunity with MJF? Sound off in the comments!

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