Bobby Fish eventually made his way to AEW after he was let go by WWE as part of budget cuts last year. He teamed up with Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly for a while in AEW, but it was not destined to last forever. Fish recently talked about reDragon not getting AEW matches against The Young Bucks and FTR.

Bobby Fish doesn’t believe AEW made the most of his team reDragon or the competitive atmosphere in the locker room. Fish recently discussed about his former home promotion of AEW with “The Ten Count” on NBC Sports. According to Fish, the AEW backstage conflicts and rivalries are only an issue if someone is making money off of them.

I think the ball was dropped. Obviously I’m biased in a certain direction. You gotta know what you have and understand the value of your talent and what you have. To say that project was ‘mismanaged’ would be a monumental understatement. We were a proven commodity as a group. A proven commodity as individuals. Don’t screw it up stupid.

There’s money to be made in that. I’ve had stuff go down recently with stuff who were true pros, and again money left on the table when it came to reDragon/FTR and some of it veered into some real life stuff. You got four guys who are professionals and that’s good for pro wrestling.


However, Fish sees it as bad when it takes place in the locker room as opposed to the ring. “Nobody gains anything from it, and nobody profits from it.” In his attack on former AEW Champion CM Punk, Fish claimed that playing the politician in the locker room achieves “nothing.”

Fish recently challenged Punk to a fight because he recommends harnessing hostility for the benefit of everyone. Fish’s contract with AEW wasn’t renewed, hence he is currently a free agent. In the main event of AEW All Out. Check out the full interview below.

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