Former professional wrestling ring announcer Tony Chimel was best known for his time with WWE. WWE made a lot of cuts in 2020, and Chimel was one of them. Chimel recently revealed that Kevin Dunn disliked him while speaking about his WWE release.

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast recently featured an interview with former WWE ring announcer Tony Chimel. He discussed working with stars like Gorilla Monsoon, Triple H, Edge, The Undertaker, John Cena, and many others during his 38 years with WWE. Chimel also discussed about WWE firing him after 38 years of service.

I was shocked. I went through all sorts of different phases of getting let go. When the pandemic hit, I was willing to go and travel and do shows and do whatever and just continue to do my job. Obviously, they weren’t running shows all over the country because of that, but they started running shows in Orlando, only two or three hours from where I live now and where I lived. I offered to go there and they were saying, no, they didn’t want me there and things like that. Finally, I got a call saying that I was furloughed and I still offered to go back and work there and do what I was doing and all that and then finally got a call from Kevin Dunn saying that I was being let go.

Chimel also declared he doesn’t think Kevin Dunn ever liked him. He was utterly shocked when WWE fired him after all these years. Chimel said that he is not aware of the reason why Dunn disliked him.


I don’t think he ever really liked me. I don’t really have anything bad about him. I’ve gotten two calls from him in my 38 years there, one telling me I was furloughed, the other one telling me I was fired. I don’t hate anybody. I just don’t think that he was, I don’t know, I don’t want to say he wasn’t happy with me because all my bosses were and all of my people that I worked with were. I always had good reviews and things like that. I just don’t think he liked me for whatever reason, I don’t know.

Chimel was also known for how he announced Edge and Christian to the ring, particularly the “Rated R Superstar.” Check out the full interview below. Stay tuned to Ringside News for the latest news and updates.

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