“Hangman” Adam Page was in the news last week for the wrong reasons. He, along with his members of The Dark Order, lost the AEW Trios Championship match to The Elite. The same night, he was on the receiving end of words from the new and two-time AEW Champion, CM Punk.

There were rumors that Page has exited the company following the controversy, but according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, it’s all one big lie. Page is an integral part of AEW and there seems to be no reason for him to leave the company over some remarks.

Page is a former AEW Champion who had amazing matches with his opponents. He was also a part of a tag team in AEW, but things broke out between the two members and the two haven’t formed an alliance since that day.

Page understands that everyone can have a different opinion, and it’s not necessary that everyone has the same opinion as him. He is one of the people who have been with the company since its initial days.


What happens following the media scrum and how will Page respond is a part of the future. We can agree that the comments by the champion have divided the roster and people have varied opinions on the situation.

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