AEW All Out saw the company crown a new AEW Interim Women’s Champion, AEW Champion, and AEW Trios Champions. Despite these moments, the closing moment took everyone by surprise.

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MJF returned during the closing moments after CM Punk won the AEW Championship from Jon Moxley. Fans anticipated the return, but not in the way it happened.

MJF went radio silent after he criticized Khan for overpaying ex-WWE talent. Fans had been asking for his return for a considerable time. Tony Khan opened up about MJF’s return during the media scrum following All Out.


I’m the one who asked him to come back, because MJF’s a big star in this company, and this is one of the biggest events. A year ago, CM Punk debuted here, and I thought it was right for the fans … For the fans, I thought the best that would do as a company was bring MJF back.

MJF has a powerful fan base in AEW. The fact that AEW made the lights go out, and the voicemail played where Khan is making offers to him makes the story interesting.

CM Punk’s ROH promo was played during this blackout segment. While there are no answers on why MJF returned, the commentary desk left us in a cliffhanger. They announced that more details about the return would come to light on AEW Dynamite.

Will you tune in this Wednesday to find out the reason? Chime in.

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