Bray Wyatt’s cryptic tweet series continues. He indeed has the whole world in his hands with every strange tweet. Wrestling fans look at his account to see a possible change or anything in general that needs to be done to entice the fans.

We previously reported that Bray Wyatt changed his bio, and his change teased a possible return at Clash at the Castle. The same didn’t happen, Now, Bray Wyatt has sent out a cryptic tweet.

This tweet looks like some divine power or energy is being bestowed on someone. Whether this energy is good or bad, it cannot be deciphered. Fans are open to make their own assumptions. It doesn’t confirm if he is going somewhere new. We reported that he got an exceptional offer from a start-up professional company.

Bray played with fans in the past using cryptic tweets. His tweets create a curiosity amongst the wrestling fans, Everyone wants something valuable, and Wyatt delivers it.


It’s unclear if he is returning to the WWE, but the new tweet does give a sign that there is new energy going on. The new regime in Vince McMahon’s former company could be the indication behind this tweet, but no one has clear answers.

Are you able to decipher Bray Wyatt’s tweet? Sound off in the comments.

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