AEW President Tony Khan is certainly very passionate about pro wrestling and no one really doubts that. However, Khan has gained a lot of notoriety as of late, dating back to the beginning of this year. He was also criticized by Eric Bischoff once again.

As many people are aware by now, Tony Khan and Eric Bischoff do not necessarily have the best of relationships. The two had a falling out last year and it has become a huge mess now.

While speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff criticized Tony Khan for having no emotions in his storylines and then went on to give him some useful advice.

“You need real story lines, Tony, not what the AEW audience accepts for a story line, which is really nothing more than an excuse to have a match,” Bischoff said. “That’s not a story line. There’s no emotion in that; there’s nothing episodic in that.


“I can’t watch an entire episode of AEW, I will drop in because I’m hopeful, I want to see something I haven’t seen before. I want some indication that something really cool is going to happen, but everything that I see tells me that these are not stories drafted or created or executed by people that really know a lot about storytelling. These are indy-based wrestling angles and I just don’t think that will work.

If I were Tony Khan right now, especially with the resources he has, I would find a way to bring somebody in, a Brian Gewirtz type,” Bischoff said, referring to the former WWE head writer. “Somebody that really understands the structure and importance of a great story and can bring out the best of talent with a great story and bring out the most emotion from the audience with a great story. That’s what Tony needs.

If Tony is happy with the company the way it is now and [the Turner network] is happy with it, then don’t change a thing, keep doing what you’re doing. But if the goal is to grow the company and to be, I don’t want to say legitimately competitive with WWE because that isn’t going to happen for a long time; WWE has too much of a head start, it’s going to take forever. But, you can still do things that position your company to be at least subjectively competitive on television. And it’s not, it’s just not.

Please Tony, if this gets to you in any way shape, or form, I know Brian Gewirtz isn’t available, but there are people like Brian out there,” Bischoff said. “Rather than hiring the next shiny object that falls off the WWE tree and creating a huge surprise and getting everybody all excited only to put them on the shelf and not see them again for six months, rather than doing that, find your Brian Gewirtz because they’re out there.”

Eric Bischoff also recently blasted Tony Khan for his lack of leadership skills. By the looks of it, it seems it ish highly unlikely Bischoff and Khan will be able to mend fences anytime soon.

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