Jim Johnston is a legendary composer for WWE who worked with the company for close to 32 years until his departure in 2017. He is responsible for composing many iconic WWE entrance theme songs including The Undertaker, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and many more.

The pro wrestling world is an ever-changing entity, as it is very different from the time Jim Johnston began his career. This is especially true when it comes to the topic of entrance themes as well as legitimate stars.

While speaking on the Insights podcast with Chris Van Vliet, Jim Johnston claimed that poor entrance themes are why WWE and AEW do not have any legitimate stars.

“The music now, in WWE and in AEW, I think it’s.. sorry this is mean, it’s all homogenous, and it’s mediocre and doesn’t have anything to do with the characters, and I think that’s why there are less big stars.”


“I don’t think there are no potential stars hiding there. I mean, before he was Steve Austin, he was the Ringmaster, and there are many examples there. These people need the right storyline, the right costuming and definitely the right music to lift them up.”

“Particularly the music, is serving multiple masters, in a way. It’s entertainment for the audience, it’s a big boot in the ass for the wrestler before they go out, to sort of get them in the head space of their character, and to kind of get them jacked up to do a great performance.”

“If you’re in that situation, I can’t imagine being in that situation where you’re not really sure of your character, the storyline. ‘I’m supposed to hate this guy, I don’t know why I’m supposed to hate this guy.’ And your music is just kind of generic, wrestler-guy music, and you’re supposed to go out there and be on top of the world. I think that’s a big ask.”

“Did not have a contract with WWE until the company went public. As soon as WWE went public, the lawyers got involved. Couldn’t believe he was working without a contract. Didn’t want him picking up and leaving.”

There are many fans who would disagree with what Johnston said, as the likes of Chris Jericho and Adam Cole’s themes in AEW are certainly very good pieces of music.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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