As the COVID-19 virus rapidly swept the planet, entertainment industries took a major blow. Tony Khan believes that All Elite Wrestling grew as company during the pandemic. AEW referee Bryce Remsburg recently reflected back on the brighter sides of the pandemic.

Most forms of sports and entertainment had to be shut down in 2020. On the contrary, wrestling persisted thanks to WWE and AEW’s production of weekly television events. Referee Bryce Remsburg recently revealed on Off The Top Rope that he obtained a pay hike and a promotion during the pandemic.

It was a crazy, bizarre time, but there was some legitimate….I never missed a paycheck, I got a raise during the pandemic, I got a promotion. I’m very very lucky. Tony (Khan) took good care of us. He takes a lot of pride, to this day, about making sure that not only did we maintain our crew, we added to it during the pandemic. He did a lot for independent wrestling during the pandemic and kept a lot of people busy with jobs and such. That’s not nothing. Forever, there will be respect for that, for what he did not only with AEW, but for independent wrestling.

AEW organized their events from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida back in 2020. Tony Khan made sure that his employees were taken care of during that tough time. He did a fantastic job in maintaining the crew and even adding more people to it.


WWE and AEW handled their pandemic shows differently. WWE developed the ThunderDome which allowed fans to “attend” shows virtually. AEW initially used other wrestlers as fans, but because of looser COVID restrictions in Florida were able to welcome fans to the outdoor Daily’s Place much sooner.

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