Tay Melo had a successful 2021, but things seem different this year for her. That won’t stop her from clapping back at haters to make sure they don’t have an argument to stand on.

Melo, formerly known as Tay Conti, recently spoke with Denise Salcedo about why she is not in a championship storyline or angle in the women’s division. She said that despite not being in any women’s division storyline, Tony Khan keeps her involved and on television, allowing her name to be in the fans’ minds. She has two singles matches this year, against TBS Champion Jade Cargill at the Revolution pay-per-view on March 6th and the other against Ameera at an “AEW Dark: Elevation” taping on January 11th.

“There’s one thing that Tony does really well. It’s like, trying to keep people on TV. We just have three hours on TV a week, and we have like an entire roster. It’s crazy – it’s not enough time, you know, but I feel Tony does a really good job trying to keep everybody there. It’s a circle – sometimes it’s going to be your time and sometimes it’s going to be someone else’s moment.”

“I’m super grateful because, in 2021, I was having a great time. I was on almost every pay-per-view. I feel like that was my opportunity to grow, and I took it really well. But right now, it’s somebody else’s moment, and that is okay because I’m not sitting in catering [and] doing nothing. Tony found a way to keep me on TV, which I appreciate so much. I know I’m not involved in title matches or crazy storylines, but it’s not my moment. Other people need opportunities, too.”

Tay is grateful that instead of making her irrelevant by being in catering, she gets to mix it up in other ways, Khan has aligned her and Guevara with Chris Jericho, where she gets to learn a lot with every passing day.


Melo had an exceptional 2021, where she was involved in more matches. The less opportunity factor hasn’t impacted Tay, and she takes this as a moment to help other superstars get their opportunities. She emphasized that there are a couple of hours of television time, and the number of people on the roster also needs time to showcase their skills.

The current AAA World Mixed Tag Team Champion had a successful mixed tag team match against Ruby Soho & Ortiz on last week’s Rampage. Tay had an excellent storyline with Paige VanZant, the Ruby Soho car door incident, and she even helped Jericho Appreciation Society out from time to time. Obviously, she is making the most of these opportunities.

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