The ongoing conflict between Edge and The Mysterios versus Judgment Day has been more heated lately. Edge and Damian Priest squared off in the main event of “WWE Raw” last week. Following the bout, Beth Phoenix, Edge’s wife, jumped the barricade to shield her husband from being beaten up by Priest’s stablemates, which led to resentment between Beth Phoenix and Rhea Ripley.

A confrontation between Phoenix and Ripley is unavoidable, but as of the time of writing, no matches have been confirmed. However, a deleted tweet from Ripley that was seen by user of the Squared Circle subreddit may have indicated that a match may happen soon.

I just know @RheaRipley_WWE is going to bring some hell to Beth Phoenix. I’m rooting for her all the way.

It’s unclear what Rhea Ripley meant by this tweet, but referring to herself in the third person was very interesting. Perhaps we just busted her using a burner sock puppet account, but The Nightmare was quick to delete the tweet and then never bring it up again.


This tweet was sent after Phoenix made a remark regarding the likelihood of a match with Ripley. Since this year’s “Royal Rumble” event, where she and her husband Edge defeated rival wrestling pair The Miz and Maryse, the Hall of Famer hasn’t competed in any matches. Phoenix proved that, although being largely retired from in-ring combat, she is ready to come back for special events.

Ripley and Damian Priest were brought on board to work with Edge on The Judgment Day. Finn Balor joined the stable after “Hell in a Cell” earlier this year, and he, Ripley, and Priest turned their backs on Edge. Edge has been interfering with Judgment Day’s bouts ever since his return to WWE at “SummerSlam,” but Phoenix joining the conflict will add a new level to the action.

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