Rey Mysterio has been an undeniable presence in WWE and still continues to make strides. He wrestles alongside his own son Dominik Mysterio as well, though they both have the same energy in their performance. He is most definitely a future WWE Hall of Fame member, and he fully deserves it.

Mysterio’s special is soon set to premiere on Biography: WWE Legends. The star recently spoke about it with Scott Fishman from TV Insider. During the interview, they touched on the topic of stem cell therapy. Mysterio said that receiving stem cell therapy made a lot of difference in his performance.

The WWE superstar said that he got treatment back in 2019. That was when he realized that there was a tremendous difference in his performance. He said that the general pain he had upon waking up was no longer there. That also made it easier for him to perform and added years to his career.

I followed into it and got a bigger treatment back in 2019 in Colombia. That is when I saw an incredible difference. I feel like it truly gave me longevity. I wasn’t waking up with aches. I was waking up pain-free from my knee. I truly feel this has rejuvenated me and added years to my career.


The 619er also got another stem cell treatment back in April. It also made him feel a great difference. He also credited that the maintenance of his health is a big part of prolonging his career.

During the last treatment I did in April of this year, I felt an incredible difference. This and everything I do to maintain my health has helped me perform the way I’ve been able to perform.

Mysterio recently said that there is no start or end date for when he may retire. The star is interested in facing off against Finn Balor at WrestleMania. CM Punk and Mysterio had an incredible match back in 2010, and he still has some of Punk’s hair he tore during the match.

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