Thunder Rosa made the decision to take a break from in-ring combat while she heals from a back issue. However, some fans and commentators have conjectured that the AEW Women’s World Champion has been written off of television because of rumors of tension between her and Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker backstage. Rosa has now attested to the reality of the harm, but rumors of conflict behind the scenes persist.

FanByte recently reported that there have been contradicting accounts of Rosa’s actions from a variety of sources. She has a reputation for berating opponents and speaking down to coworkers, particularly veterans, according to some employees, who spoke to the publication.

The AEW Women’s World Champion has reportedly had harsh reactions to non-contracted wrestlers who have performed on “AEW Dark” and “AEW Elevation.” One talent recalled a night when Rosa criticized her of being undertrained. Similar criticisms, though, have also been directed at Rosa.

The 36-year-old apparently vanished for some time after accidently breaking Hayter’s nose during their latest battle at “AEW Battle of the Belts III.” Rosa ultimately made an attempt to apologize to Hayter, according to the complaint, before shutting herself in a bathroom. The toilet story should obviously be taken with a grain of salt because, according to the FanByte, it might not have been connected to the Hayter event.


Rosa reportedly lacks several fundamental in-ring skills, according to one AEW wrestler. On the other hand, a former Lucha Underground coworker of Rosa’s rejected the notion that she is dangerous worker, despite the fact that they did mention that she is unwilling to take bumps and sell some of her opponents’ offence. Other wrestlers berated Rosa for working stiffly, particularly in relation to her low dropkick move. Stay tuned to Ringside News for latest updates.

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