Braun Strowman’s release from WWE earlier last year was something no one saw coming, as he was huge star there. Strowman was also part of an accident recently. Strowman recently gave an update on left leg atrophy, which was caused due to a 2015 back injury.

Braun Strowman recently posted a video of himself undergoing nerve testing on Twitter. The nerve testing was done on his left, which is the focus of his attention. Strowman revealed that it was caused in 2015 during his time in WWE.

Doing some nerve testing on my left leg that has atrophy in it due to my back injury with #wwe in 2015. I’ve wrestled my entire time with this injury. Imagine what I could do at 100%. We’ll see.

Braun Strowman paralyzed his entire left leg after a bugling disc in his back popped. WWE flew Strowman to Pittsburgh, where he underwent an emergency disc surgery. He revealed that the condition hasn’t improved any bit since his surgery.


Since his release from WWE, Braun Strowman has kept himself busy with numerous projects. He is also outspoken on social media and is never afraid to share his thoughts on any matter. We hope Strowman recovers to his best health soon.

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