Veer Mahaan finally made his debut on RAW the night after WrestleMania 38. He made statement as soon as he showed up on the red brand as he single-handedly took out the Mysterios, Rey and Dominik. Following several weeks on the sidelines, Veer Mahaan made his return to WWE RAW.

Since then, Veer took to Twitter to flaunt a new appearance. The Lion evidently worked out while he was on the sidelines, since he included a comment about it in his Tweet. The current star posted a series of pictures along with his update, showing that he had been working hard and was ready to start over at WWE.

The world is my gym. The great outdoors is the best gym imaginable. Let’s keep it.

Veer was supposed to be on this week’s episode of RAW, but due to the episode’s heavy return schedule, it’s possible that he was bumped and will appear on next week’s episode. Veer has reportedly been off the air for the previous few weeks while the production team works to develop some new storylines for him.


Mahaan has a perfect record on Monday Night RAW and most recently engaged in a feud with The Mysterios. Since the pair separated, WWE is aiming to once more demonstrate that Veer is a monster by pitting him against a number of enhancement talents. He showed the WWE Universe what he was capable of last week by defeating Beaux Keller in a competitive match. Let’s see what the future holds for him.

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