Dakota Kai was one of the best things about NXT television, because she consistently put on solid matches during her time with the company. However, WWE released Dakota Kai from her NXT contract back in May. Dakota Kai made her WWE comeback after having previously been fired by the company.

Kai along with Raquel Rodriguez were once WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. It’s still unclear if Raquel Rodriguez and Dakota Kai will be on the same brand somewhere down the line or not. Former WWE writer Vince Russo recently dragged Dakota Kai claiming that she is not a television celebrity like other notable names in WWE’s past.

Russo recounted his conversation with Road Dogg while speaking on “Legion of RAW.” Attitude Era celebrities like Sunny, Chyna, and Sable, in his opinion, were created for television. Kai, on the other hand, does not meet that criteria.

Let me just talk about Dakota Kai for a second because bro we have Road Dogg on this on Thursday and I was basically trying to tell Road Dogg, ‘Bro, listen, I’m a television viewer at home, I’m watching this show, I don’t know who these girls are. They don’t look like stars to me, okay?’ And Road Dogg, what did he talk about bro? What great workers they are (…) With all due respect, that’s not a television star bro, that’s not a television star bro. You know what a television star is? Sable is a television star, Chyna is a television star, Sunny is a television star. This is not a television star. Thus the problem, I agree with Brian [James], she’s probably the greatest worker in the world. Guess what bro? The only people that care about that are the people already watching the show.


Even though Russo continued to acknowledge Kai’s prowess in the workplace, he thought that only ardent viewers would be concerned about her. At Clash at the Castle, Kai will face off against Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and Bianca Belair in a six-woman tag team bout with Iyo Sky, Bayley, and Bay. Fans will have to wait until September 3 to discover which tea will win. Watch the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Legion of RAW below.

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