Eric Young had tremendous run in WWE NXT. He helmed the SAnitY faction, which featured Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe & Nikki Cross. While they enjoyed great bookings during their NXT run, Young ended up getting sidelined after transitioning to the main roster.

Young was eventually released from the company. Killian Dain believed that WWE missed great opportunity by not making Young the NXT Champion when they had the chance.

The former WWE star spoke with Jim Alexander of Reel Talker. He reminisced about his time back in WWE and revealed what he told Vince McMahon in meeting. He told Vince that if they can’t find him a few minutes a screen time during their three-hour long shows, they’ve failed.

l went to a meeting with Vince to pitch him some ideas and I told him to his face, if you have a three-hour wrestling show and you can’t find five minutes for me to do anything, you’ve failed. You’re a failure (to Vince). I’d say that again to his face, because that’s what it is.


Young holds a great deal of respect for Triple H. He talked about taking on production duties because Triple H suggested he should try it. Young even joked that he would hide a dead body if HHH asked him to.

The producing, that was a favor to HHH. I wasn’t being used, I was being paid full-time so he said I think you’d be good at it, what do you think about trying it out? Well, I’m there anyway so I might as well. (If Triple H had control at the time) Things would have been way different for me. I would do anything for him (HHH). I’d run through a wall. Help him hide a dead body (laughs), whatever he asked me to do. I respect him that much.

Eric Young is currently enjoying his time back in IMPACT wrestling. He leads the Violent by Design faction. Now that Triple H is in charge, lot of talent that left WWE could make their way back. Perhaps Young also has a chance to step back in. He previously revealed that he had no hard feelings about how his WWE run went.

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